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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mini Cherries

This week I decided to make mini cherries mainly because I wanted to indulge my love of cherries and I could justify buying extra to have for models for the video. LOL They truly are one of my favorites of the summer fruits so it made them even more fun to make the video for all of you.

I found that my package of Premo crimson clay was a very good match color wise for the cherries I had on hand so that made for an easy selection of color. Just match the cherries you find in your store to the clays you have, you might need to mix to get a good match in other brands of clay or with cherries from a different location. Do keep in mind that red clays do get darker when you bake them so keep that in mind when choosing (or mixing) your color.

For this demo I used a new box that I had designed based on another one I remember from those trips to get produce in the summers of my childhood. This one has a more solid bottom and is much more shallow so we don't need to make so many cherries to fill it. I will demo the box in a few weeks, and I am planning to use it again for some berries and such.

Even though the box not nearly as deep as the other containers I had on hand I still didn't really want to make enough cherries to fill it up from the bottom. The solution I came up with was to fill the bottom of the box with some clay by firs spreading some TLS on the bottom and then using a ball stylus to press the clay into the bottom. I made sure to leave the top rough so that the next layer of cherries would fall more naturally. Next I added several layers of small balls of clay all about the size that the finished cherries would be. Throughout the layers of these little balls of clay I added small snippets of the glue stiffened thread that I would be using to make the cherry stems later. By doing this I gave the illusion that there are a lot more details that there really are. You can see some of those “stems” from the top thus fooling the eye into thinking that there are cherries there instead of just the balls of clay. 


When I got to the top layer I started making the actual mini cherries adding the stems to the tops. I didn't really need as many as I thought I would since the stems are visible from below. Remember you don't see the stems on every cherry in the box in real life either. Some have lost their stems and some are turned the other way. So the illusion is there without as much work.

These cherries would look so wonderful in a small bowl on the counter of your dollhouse kitchen or even on a mini paper towel next to the kitchen sink like they are drying from being washed. I may have to do just that with a few of the extra cherries I made.

The rest of the pictures this week show the box of cherries with the rest of our growing collection of produce. 


I hope you are enjoying this series of videos, be sure to request your favorite items of produce. I am making a list and working from it as I have time and as the different types of produce show up in the stores.

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