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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Michael's Haul

Since Michael's is having a sale on polymer clay this week I decided that I should probably go and see if any of the colors would tempt me at all. Lately I have been buying more and more Premo brand clay simply because the Michael's I go to normally doesn't carry much in the the Fimo line. They have some Premo but most of the clay space is taken up by Sculpy III and their store brand clay neither of which use very much (both do have their uses and I will cover that in another post someday)

Today I actually went to the Micheael's that is closest to where I live instead of the one closer to where I do most of my shopping. I went to this location for a couple of reasons, I didn't want to make the longer trip just to check out the clay section and my daughter just got a job at the store closest to where we live.

I was so happy to see that this location had so much more selection in the Fimo line. I ended up getting 8 different colors of Fimo (they were 4 for $5) some of which I had never seen. Several of these colors will be showing up in videos I have planned for the next few months.

The colors I got are: Sunflower
Windsor Blue
Pacific Blue
Apple Green
Tropical Green

I was also almost out of TLS so I picked up another bottle of it while I was there. Especially since there was a 50% off coupon this week to use on it. All in all a great trip and so nice to find a store that actually has Fimo on the shelf.

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