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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Progress comes in tiny bits sometimes

Yesterday I had decided that I wanted to get started on the storage containers for the Farmstand project that I am getting ready to do. I had a picture in mind of exactly what I wanted to make; a basic bushel style basket that I could make lots of to display some of the types of produce in.

 I think part of the problem was that I knew exactly what I wanted and because of that I wasn't satisfied with my attempts. Finally after working on these off and on all day (12 trial baskets in all) I got just about what I wanted. It is close enough to use and I am sure I will improve the results as I go.

One of my challenges was that I wanted to make this a very easy project so that I can make a short video on the baskets at some point this spring or summer. I think the basket I came up with will be an easy and fun project that can be used in many different projects, not just for produce.

What do you think?


  1. these are adorably amazing. i can't wait for you to post a tutorial for making them! i've got alot of ideas on how to use them :)

    1. thank you, I have actually changed them up just a bit to make them easier to teach and to get consistent results. Hopefully I can get a video done for making them in a few weeks.