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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mini Asparagus

Be sure to check out the Mini Asparagus video if you haven't already.

This is a vegetable that looks a lot harder to make than it really is. If you have at least some experience working with clay I think you will be very successful with it. Just take your time and be patient. It is really fun once you get started.

In this video I also introduce you to the Skinner Method of blending clay. This is such a fun way to blend clay and resulting graduated blend is so pretty. It is almost like magic and as many times as I have done it I still am in awe every time. I love to watch the blend happen before my eyes. It is almost addictive really and you may find yourself blending random colors of clay just to see what happens. LOL We will be using this technique many times in the future too.

Now when you look at that box of mini asparagus you may think I totally lost my mind. That box looks full and that must have taken forever to make that many pieces of mini asparagus. Before you try to have me locked up let me assure you I didn't fill the box all the way with asparagus. I actually used the leftover blended cane of asparagus clay to make “filler” snakes for the bottom of the box. 


To make these I simply rolled larger snakes than I had done for the actual asparagus and after coating the bottom of the box with liquid sculpy I laid them all in the box and baked it off. Now when I am ready I can simply glue the completed asparagus to the top to finish the box.

Be sure to request your favorite fruit or vegetable to have me do a tutorial on. You can either post here, on the youtube video comments or on the Facebook page. I am writing down all the requests I am getting and will do as many as I can.

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