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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shopping Time

Where I live we have a very limited number of craft stores, there's not a Hobby Lobby close enough to shop at (next time I am in Seattle I will be going to the new one there) so mostly our choices are Micheal's, the big Joann Fabrics and my favorite Craft Warehouse. While these are not large stores they are what we ahve and most of the time I can do okay. I do love to go to Craft Warehouse the most and tend to get a lot more items I need there. I do know they are only in Oregon, Washington and Idaho so if you are near one and haven't checked them out be sure to stop by.

Last night I was going through my email and found an announcement for the Craft Warehouse annual warehouse sale. It started today and will run through the weekend. I got myself out the door early so I could get there by a little after 9 and spent over an hour shopping. I found some treasures so I thought I would share them here. They prices were fantastic, as they usually are at warehouse sales.

So here is what I found:

First stop the aisle with the scrap booking supplies. I found these packages of card-stock, the sign stated the packages were 10 pounds of paper, I grabbed 2 of them at $8 each.

As you can see there is a bunch of paper in each (the label says 300 sheets) and a rainbow of colors. I have been low on some colors lately so this should solve that problem.

On the same aisle  they had a bin with paper punches, all Christmas designs. I found 3 that were small enough to use in minis, they were only $.25 each.

On the next aisle there was a box with paint, all green but I found 3 different types and got one of each at $.25 each. I may already have the light green one but I wasn't sure and at that price I didn't really care if it was a repeat. LOL
Next to the cash-register were the beads and I found a bin of seed beads priced at $1.50 each so I got 4 of them. I don't use beads that size often but they should be handy at some point. 
Then after carrying my  purchases to my truck I want across the parking lot to the other building where the sale was also being held. That building was mostly larger garden stuff but I did get a few things. 

I got 2 bags if stones, one in red and one in green. I have no idea where they will go but they are good size for minis and at only $1 per bag I grabbed them.

The only other purchase in the second building was a plastic lime, odd I know but, it was only $.10 and I was intrigued by the texture. It is going to go into my box of clay texturing  tools. 

So those are my treasures, remember to sign up for those emails notices of sales from your favorite craft stores and maybe you can find a warehouse sale near you.

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