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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baskets and Boxes

I have spent the last week or so working on making baskets and boxes for the produce that I will be making for the farm-stand project. I think I have them figured out and I will do a couple of videos on the how-to of making them in a few weeks. My trash can is overflowing with the failures but, I am happy with the ones that did work out. One of the main problems was getting a system down for each one that would allow me to make consistent looking containers. Since these will what is holding the produce in the market I wanted them to look like they were something the owners had purchased so they had to the same. If I was just using one or two that wouldn't have been a problem but I am going to need dozens of these. I finally worked out "jigs" for all but the wooden boxes and they all now go together quickly, easily and most important turn out the same almost every time.

I may still come up with more variety of shapes but for now I have 4 container types as you can see in the picture below.

On the picnic table I have the round "bushel" basket that I used in last week's video to show off the mushrooms when they were done. There were the ones I got the way I wanted them to be first. Also on the table are some smaller square baskets, I think I will call them "berry baskets" at least for right now. I am not sure what types of produce will end up in them but they are about a 1/2" square and about 1/4" tall so probably berries.

On the floor next to the table are some slightly larger than bushel baskets, I'm thinking potatoes and such will go in them. And with them are the boxes for the some of the tree fruits and such.

So now off to make things to fill these all up.

I am really wanting to get started on the building too but right now I have to get my work space cleared up enough to fit the project on there. I have so many ideas for what I want to do and what I want to show you all. I still haven't decided if I am going to put electricity in this building. I am leaning towards either skipping it altogether or trying out round wire since I have never used it. I do need to decide really soon so I can get started (and give myself time order supplies)


  1. ohh..i can't wait for the tutorial videos for the baskets and the crates! my poor head is already swimming with ideas for uses for them :)

  2. Thank you for all of your sharing of your talent. Baskets will be fun and I need to make a bunch.

  3. can you do a video on the berry baskets? please i need some