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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Dollhouse Miniature Front Porch pt 8

This week we are proceeding on with the front porch project by adding the base. I decided to use two layers to make up the base because I really wanted to have a base that would support the project but I still needed to be able to easily add the landscaping. So I dug out a piece of ¼” MDF (at least I am fairly certain it is MDF) which I cut the size of 11” by 15”. I then cut a piece of foam core to the same size and glued the two together.

Now the size I chose might seem to be a bit random but I had my reasons. Well, kind of reasons. You see I had to move the porch project the other day and I happened to set it on top of my tablet of watercolor paper. I really liked the size of the tablet as a base so that is the size I went with for the base. Before this happened I had been going back and forth about what size I should use.

When you cut the layers don't stress about perfect cuts, we are going to be completely covering the layers and adding a trim piece around the outside edge so these pieces will not really be seen when we are finished.

Once the glue has dried draw a pencil line a ½” from the back and side edges to help you line up the porch structure.

I used tacky glue for the project today mainly because it was within reach. Any liquid glue that is foam friendly will be fine for this part of the project.

Once you have the porch structure glued onto the base add some weights to help hold it down flush and let the glue dry thoroughly. I left mine overnight to be sure it was dry.

That is all we are going to get done this week. I am still using my old laptop and I am bit afraid to try to edit a video that is very long.

Next time I hope to get the railings on the porch.

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