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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Trash to Treasure Books

This week for the Trash to Treasure project I decided to do yet another method of making books. I love how worn and used these turn out looking. So play that fact up and make some of yours look really old and used.

I just painted the covers on mine. Partly because I wanted to keep the video short and the prep for the video short. And partly because I wanted to leave it open for you to use your imagination in making covers. Instead of just painting a solid color you could paint (or draw) designs, you could use pretty paper, you could find pictures of covers of real books and use those. The options are endless.

I have been playing with this technique for a week or two and I found any where from two to four layers of cardboard work just fine. By four layers I mean like in the video where I folded the two pieces of cardboard to make 4 layers. Just folding a single piece of cardboard (two layers) gives you a thinner book, the 4 layers a thicker book. I also made some that had the one piece folded plus a single layer in the middle. That makes a nice size too.

I love how these books look like the pages are all spread out and bent up. I hate it when real books look that way but in mini I love it.

Remember books come in a lot of sizes so make you mini books in different sizes, it makes you scene look more real and more interesting. 

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