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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Stove pt 1

This week we are beginning work on the stove for our kitchen project. I am so excited to get this one finished so we can see the kitchen complete.

We are sticking with our same materials that we have been using all along on this series. The majority of our stove is made of foam core from the dollar store. I love working this foam core because it is inexpensive, easy to cut with just a craft knife and it creates a sturdy project in the end.

I did use some paperboard for the sides of the stove, I used a box from Bisquick because these boxes are much heavier weight material than the normal cracker/cereal box. Use whatever is the heaviest paperboard that you have.

This week we also need two colors of cardstock, white (or whatever color your appliances are going to be) and some gray (for the interior of the oven)

Here are the cutting dimensions for the pieces I use this week:

Foam core:
1 (back) 4” by 2 ¾”
1 (bottom) 1 ¾” by 2 ¾”
1 drawer front 1” by 2 ⅝”
1 (control panel) ⅜” by 2 ¾”
2 (oven sides) 1 ¼” by 1 ¾”
2 (oven top/bottom) 1 ¾” by 2 ⅝”

2 (stove sides) 2” by 2 ¾”

the back piece of cardstock

White cardstock:
2 (sides) 3” by 4”
1 (drawer) 2” by 4”
1 (back) 4” by 2 ½” - cut corners like photo

Gray cardstock:
1 strip 2 ¼” by the width of the paper
1 (oven back) 2 ⅝” by 2 ⅝”

Be sure to dry fit the parts as you go. Especially the oven interior, it needs to be a tight fit so that light doesn't leak in. At the same time you do need to be able to get the pieces to fit. 

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