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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tools for Making Dollhouse Miniatures- X-Acto Small Mitre Box

For this month's tool video I thought I would talk about another of my favorite (and useful) cutting tools, my X-Acto Small Mitre Box and Razor Saw. I have had these for far longer than I have had the Easy Cutter. I do like that this set will cut thicker pieces of wood and that the cut is always very straight. They are a bit more work to use than the Easy Cutter which is why they don't get used as much.

a better look at the lip on the bottom
I do recommend that if you are looking for these you look at a local hobby store that caters to the model railroad builders. I usually find the best price on these in such stores. (take a bit of time to look at the other items in the store while you are there. I usually find several things to purchase on the average visit)

One of the features of the Razor Saw that I love is how easy it is to change the blade, and you can get many different blades for them. I think the one I had in the video that is at least the 5th blade portion I have had on that particular handle. You can get the blade portion in very coarse to very fine tooth configurations depending on what you are going to use it for.

Here is a link the X-Acto website so you can get a better look at the tool.

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