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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Tips for Dollhouse Miniature Crafting- Drying Paint & Glue

This week for our tips video I thought I would talk about something that is timely for me. You see I live in an area that is very damp and cool this time of year. So much so that I can definitely see a difference in the time it takes my glue and paint to dry. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that I thought I would share with you.

The first it to use a heat tool that is designed for card making, heat embossing to be exact. It is a very handy tool as it blows hot air like a hair dryer but hotter. It works very well on things that are not apt to melt. I would avoid using it on things that have plastic or foam in them (like our foam core cabinets)

If you don't have a heat tool a hair dryer would also work it will just take a bit longer.

My other tool that I use on a regular basis is a small desk lamp. It has a very small wattage bulb (25 watts) so it doesn't put off too much heat. I use it often when I need to dry things though. I find it has just enough heat to dry the project without being too hot. Just don't get it too close to your project.

Obviously you need to take care and be safe no matter how you are drying your projects. Keep an eye on them and use common sense.

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