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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Kitchen Cabinets Part 4

So sorry about the missing footage at the beginning, I was having strange problems with the software I use to edit and I had already deleted those parts from my camera.

As for making the pattern, all you need to do is cut some paper to small/medium sized pieces. Be sure to have some straight edges and some tight corners. Layer the pieces of paper to line up with the edges and use some tape to hold them together.

I have done this same process several other times in different videos when I have installed floor and wall coverings.

Use whatever you want for the cover for your counter top. I decided to make my own from some plain cardstock to coordinate with my tile back splash.

I used the back to a writing tablet for my counter top base. You could also use wood or whatever you have on hand. I really wanted to keep this simple and use materials that everyone has access to.

Did you notice the appliances on the counter in the photos? Those the from the video tutorials that are available to my Patreon supporters. I thought you might like to see what you are missing...

Here are the links to the Trash to Treasure videos that were mentioned in the video, the sink can be found here and the faucet here.

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