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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Trash to Treasure Sponge Cake

This week's Trash to Treasure project is one of those that I have been meaning to do but kept forgetting to film.

For this project you can use any fine textured sponge. I really like the makeup sponges the best for 1/12th scale because they have such a fine texture. You can also use a very fine textured cleaning sponge. If you are going to cut your cake be sure to pick a sponge that is a color that a cake might be. I feel that white and yellow are the best but it is up to you, maybe your dolls want a pink cake....

For the cake today I cut the sponge piece 1” by ¾” but you could cut yours any size you like. A ¾” by ¾' would be a nice square cake and a ¾” circle would also work really well.

I found that cutting with my scissors worked the best for me.

For the frosting I used my standard tube of caulking which you can find in any store that has paint/home improvement section. It is fairly cheap and if you store it with the lid on tightly or wrapped up it does keep for a while before it goes hard.

I hope you liked this Trash to Treasure project, thanks for watching. 

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