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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Refrigerator Part 3

This week we are finishing up the refrigerator!

I promised the Facebook group that the door handles would be the first thing we did this wee and they are. I chose a super simple door handle design, you can of course put a different style on yours.

Here are some photos showing the details of the handles.

I also had asked on the Facebook group if I should add shelves to the doors and the consensus was pretty much split. I did do those this week but of course as with pretty much any step you can add them or leave them off. I decided to only put the shelves on the refrigerator door and not on the freezer door. That way you could see the doors completed both ways.

I did find that the door with the shelves on it shut to the proper place the one without shelves would push in too far. So to remedy this I added a stop to the bottom of the fridge. I think it is a good way to stop the door and looks okay at the same time.

I also added a handle to the produce drawer and covered the back of the fridge with some black cardstock.

The cutting dimensions for the door shelves (for the refrigerator side) was as follows:

craft stick: 1 ¼”
skinny stick 1 ¼”
¼” x 3/8” 2 cut to 3/8”

The door stop was cut from craft stick the same width as the space between the inside walls.

I think that was all the cutting sizes this week. If I missed something let me know and I will add it. It has been a very long week around here.

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