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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tools for Making Dollhouse Miniatures-Pointy Tools

This week for our tools video I decided not to talk about a specific tool but a class of tools that really aren't tools. Does that make sense?? These are items that I find invaluable for crafting, especially miniatures. They are pointy tools.

So what exactly is a pointy tool? I am using this term for any item that I can use to craft with that has a pointed end. My very favorite is my dental pick. I love that dental pick and I can't find another one that is just the right shape. I actually had to do some repairs on mine a while back by adding some glue to the top where the metal comes out of the handle.

Second most used is just a plain old toothpick. These are so useful for applying glue or paint or for texturing clay or a million other uses.

Next would be a toss up between the double ended knitting needle and a sewing pin. They are very different but both are used a lot.

So how do you use these tools. Think of them as an extension of your fingers when working with small things. You can get those points into places your fingers won't even come close to going. You can pick small things up with them, you can apply glues or paints in small areas, and you can use them to mark clay or score paper. There are probably a million other ways I use these tools too.

So look around at what you have on hand and see what pointy things can become tools for your next project. 

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