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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Joanne's Minis is on Patreon

So I thought for a long time before I took this step. I really want to make better and more videos for all of you to watch. I really want to see my channel grow and I want to be able to give back to my viewers with some giveaways. I also would love to be able to test products for you all on a regular basis and to visit some of those wonderful mini shows across the country that I keep reading about. The problem with that is all of those things take both time and money. That is why I have decided to join Patreon. It is a way for all of you to help me reach those goals. I know you already love the content I am providing. I just want to give you more and better content.

If you aren't familiar with what Patreon is I will try to explain that in a bit more detail here than I did on the video. It is a crowd funding platform built specifically for those of us that create in some way. There are YouTube creators over there, artists, writers, poets, musicians, and people that do so much more. A Patreon Page can be set up to either collect pledges on a once per month basis or on a once per creation basis. I went with the once per month option.

Patreon has been around since about 2013 and has somewhere around a million active patrons and 50,000 active creators.

In preparation for this step I watched a bunch of Patreon Launch videos from some of my favorite YouTube creators. One of them compared the Patreon Pledge to tipping the server after a meal out. I think that is a really cool way to look at it.

So for just a dollar or so you can really help me to grow the channel. And I have already set up a series of rewards for those that do pledge to help. Here is a run down of what I have set up right now. If you have any ideas for more rewards let me know and I will consider them too.

For that single dollar a month you will get access to Patreon only emails, a quarterly Q&A video (only accessible to patrons) and your name at the end of my videos.

For just a little more, $5 a month you get all of that plus access to an additional tutorial video every month.

For $10 per month you will get all of those things plus I will invite you to a group video chat every month where we can talk about our projects, techniques to do things or whatever the group wants to talk about.

And for $20 per month you get all of the above plus you will get 30 minutes of my time monthly in a private video chat where you can pick my brain about your project, you can have me help you with a technique that you are struggling with (kind of like a private class) or just to chat, it's up to you how you use your half hour.

And I have also set up a goal, as soon as the page is generating $500 per month I will do triple giveaway. By triple giveaway I mean there will be 3 separate giveaways at one time. There will be one on Patreon for my supporters over there, there will be one on YouTube that will be open to my subscribers on there, and finally there will be another one on Facebook for the people that follow me there. So that means if you follow me all three places you will get 3 chances to win the prizes! And I am hoping to have really nice prizes to give too. I will be repeating the giveaways as different goals are met on Patreon so keep you eyes open for them.

So as far as what this means for the YouTube channel it is all good. I hope to upgrade my equipment so that will mean better quality videos. I also hope to have more money to spend on the videos so I can show you lots of new stuff and new techniques. All of this is good so I really can't see any downsides for any of you. I will still be making as many videos on YouTube and they will remain completely free just like always. (as long as YouTube remains constant), I will still be just as available on my Facebook page so you will still be able to talk to me there.

If you can help I will be so grateful and if you can't that is fine too. I know that times are hard for all of us and I totally understand.

I love my fans, they have been here for me during some pretty hard stuff in my “real” life and you guys have kept me sane. So I thank you all for that. I also thank you for all the support I will get in the future both the emotional support and the support through Patreon.

Here is the link to my Patreon Page, remember if you have any questions I am here for you.

Thank you so much.

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