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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Mug Tree

This week I figured we had better provide the dolls with somewhere to put all those mugs we made last week. Did you get as carried away as I did on that project? I found it to be one of my very favorite mini projects in a long time and just kept making them. I haven't counted but I know I made dozens. I think the dolls are going to need a lot of mug trees. LOL

Anyway this is another easy project and I made both of the ones I showed you on the video with stuff I already had on hand. So go through your stash and find items to use.

The biggest piece you will need is the upright portion of the mug tree. For the one on the video I used a piece of basswood strip wood that measures ¼” by ¼' you will just need 1 ½” of it but I recommend not cutting it to length until after you drill the holes. I have a much easier time holding the longer piece steady to drill.

For the hooks (?) not sure what to call the part that the mugs hang from I like the fancy toothpicks but regular toothpicks would work too, just sand off the point and maybe put a tiny bead on the end.

For the base anything that is ½” to ¾” across would work, for the brown one I used a little wooden heart and for the one on the video I used a wooden button. This is one place you can get really creative and use up an item from your stash.

The drill bit that I find fits the toothpicks the best is the 5/64th inch size. For the softer woods like I used in this project I find I can just use my fingers and skip the pin vise (and that is a good thing since I have no idea where I put mine)

So I hope you enjoy this project, if you make some mug trees be sure and send my a picture. I love seeing what you are making.

1 comment:

  1. The mug trees look so wonderful that I have to try and make at least one. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial.