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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Mugs

This week I decided to make some mugs for the dollhouse. It seems like a lot of us have seem to collect mugs in real life, either on purpose or it just happens. So I figured it was time for the dolls to join in the fun.

I do have a polymer clay mug tutorial on this channel but I wanted to do something different today. I have a huge amount of cardstock that I use in card making both plain colors and patterns and I decided to see how that would work for making some mugs. I have to say this project is kid of addictive. Once I got the technique down I keep making more, every time I think I am done I see another sheet of paper that I think would be perfect and....

So to start you just need a few things. The cardstock is the obvious one, I am using a medium weight cardstock. The package that one of the sheets came from is labeled as being 65# cardstock. The plain colors that I used today were from those packages at the craftstore that are sold for cardmaking. The patterned paper and the green one were both from those books of cardstock that are sold at the craftstore for card making or scrapbooking.

You will also need a way to cut your cardstock, I do recommend a straight edge, craft knife and self healing mat. For me it is the most accurate way to cut strips of paper.

You will also need some glues, both a glue stick and a liquid glue. I used Tacky glue today but I think a super glue would have been better for the handles but mine was dried up (all 3 bottles)

To form your mugs you will need a #10 knitting needle, I found this to be the perfect size.

A standard hole punch (I think they are about ¼”)

Clear nail polish.

First cut a piece of your cardstock 2” wide, then cut a 3/8” wide strip and a really narrow strip (about 1/16”) for your mug and your handle.

Then just follow the steps in the video.

If you have any questions be sure to ask. 

1 comment:

  1. I love these mugs, I definitely will be making some. A little whit flower on the red and green mugs, would instantly transform them into Christmas mugs.
    As always great tutorial.