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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Easy Corner Roombox pt 7

This week we are adding the carpet to our second floor of our roombox. This is super easy to do and I do it the same on all the dollhouses I work on. I use the double sided tape that is made to hold area rugs in our real size houses. I love the amount of stick it has but on most surfaces it comes up easily if I need to get the carpet up. I also use this for the sheets of tile that is made for dollhouse floors. It holds really well. (It has to since because of its intended use) Also it is fairly inexpensive considering how little we need.

On a wooden dollhouse floor I would have run the tape right over the tape-wire. But for the foam core I decided that could cause problems later so I simply cut the tape on each side of my run of tape-wire. This is just in case I need to remove the carpet later and access the the electrical system.

For the baseboard trim just do the same as we did for the lower floor or change it up a bit, it is your roombox.

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