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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dollhouse Wiring 101 pt 4 The Front Porch Light and Wallpaper Prep

This week we are starting out by installing the porch light. This is the only light fixture we will be putting in before the wallpaper. Thus it is also really not accessible after we are done. That is the down side of this. The rest of the lights we will be able to access the area where they are installed.

After the front porch light is in place we need to cover our tape wire to prep it for wallpaper. In a normal wood dollhouse I just put a coat of white primer over the tape wire and call it good. I sometimes add a piece of tape over anyplace I have used brads or grommets, depending on how secure I feel about their placement.

Since our roombox is made of foamcore and I am not feeling all that confident about the long-term life of these connections I decided I wanted a little more. So I cut strips of sticker paper 1” wide and used those to cover my tape runs. This does two things it covers tape wire and blends it into the wall and it also (hopefully) will add some reinforcement to those connections we made last week. Only time will tell if my idea is correct. I do feel 98% confident about it.

I had initially intended to add the wallpaper this week too but I also want to keep the videos in this series no more than 30 minutes long. I know there is a lot of information for you all to digest each week. Any longer than that and I fear it would just be too much at a time. So next week we will wallpaper our room.

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