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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tools for Making Dollhouse Miniatures- the Clay Extruder

This week I decided to talk about the clay extruder. If you work with clay very much this is probably a tool you will want to think about at some point.

The one I have is from Walnut Hollow but the same style is available from a couple of other companies. The thing to look for is the handle that works like a crank. There is also one on the market with a plunger type system that you are supposed to press down on the top and the clay is supposed to come out. I have actually had two of those kind and never once got them to work. I had two of them because the first one was so bad I thought I must have gotten a bad one and decided to try again. I was sure the second one would work. I even had my son and his friends try to get it to work. None of the boys could get it to work and they were all very strong guys.

The main thing to remember is the that the metal will discolor the clay if it is left in there for any length of time. The lighter the clay the more noticeable this will be. On the white clay I used in the demo you can really see it. On a clay that is a color it won't be as noticeable.

You will need to clean the extruder every time you use it and I have a video coming up on this channel in 2 weeks.

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