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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Easy Corner Roombox pt 4

This week's video is fairly short because for the most part I have covered this information in past videos. Check the channel for my more in-depth wallpaper videos if you need more information on the basics. This week I mainly wanted to focus on the aspects of wallpapering that were specific to this project. Mainly taking that warp out of the front wall, preventing more warping on other areas and cutting around the tapewire on the edge of the wall where the wire comes into the house.

I was a little nervous about the paste I was going to use since I forgot to check it until I opened it on camera. That had sat in the container since we worked on the last building project. It kept just fine and the consistency was fine. I would still rather use Yes! Paste but I can't find it locally and I really don't want to pay shipping on it. Since this works almost as well I will just continue to use it.

The main “secret” to wallpapering a dollhouse is to have a lip of paper folding over onto the adjacent wall on the ceiling and back wall. This prevents the wall from showing if the paper shrinks from the seams.

On this project I used some plain colored card-stock because I wanted to keep this project very neural, it is going to be used for photos of future projects so I didn't really want to use any colors that would not go with just about everything. I think the white ceiling and beige walls will work out nicely.

I did have a piece of blue paper with really realistic clouds that I was so tempted to use for the ceiling but it just wasn't right for the neutral look I was going for. It would have been really cool for a kid's room roombox though.....

So next week we will be putting in the ceiling fixture.

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