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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Easy Corner Roombox

This week we are beginning construction of a really simple roombox. I had decided a month of so ago that I wanted to make myself a new roombox to take photos of my projects in. You have been seeing the same backdrop in my photos for a few years now and since it is just made of foamcore it is starting to show some wear and tear. At first I was just going to make the box and not do a tutorial. And if I had gotten around to it in the meantime that is probably what would have happened.

Then I got to thinking about what I was going to use when I start the electrical tutorial series to show you how to do the wiring. I realized that with a couple of changes to what I had planned to make it would be the perfect structure. Well, not totally perfect because it is made of foamcore but I will get into that in the electrical tutorial series. For showing you how to wire it will be fine. And for you to practice it will be fine. I am just not sure if the connections will last long term. Again I will go over that in the electrical series.

Then this last week I starting cutting the pieces for the box and thought maybe some of you would want to follow along with me. Since this is a really easy project to make I decided to throw in this as a series too.

The two series will be running at the same time. That is because in building a real dollhouse you have to do other things between the parts of the wiring.

So this week we are making our basic structure. I will say that I buy my foamcore from the dollar store, it is slightly bigger panels than the stuff from the craft store. For the pieces that I cut for this project I used 2 sheets but I have a lot of leftover pieces.

I started buying this foamcore for the size since I use a lot of it for making projects for my larger 18' dolls. I have come to prefer the way this stuff is made over the traditional foamcore from the craft store. You can use either but I am not sure if you will get all the pieces from 2 sheets. You will have to measure that out for yourself.

So here is the list of the cutting sizes that you need. (Note I misspoke in video on the size of one of the upper wall pieces- the correct measurement is here)

So you need to cut-

Base 10 ¼” by 13 ¼”
1 floor 10” by 10”
1 ceiling 10” by 10”
1 wall 10” by 10”
1 wall 10 ¼” by 10”
1 porch 10 ¼” by 3”
1 upper wall 10” by 1 ½”
1 upper wall 10 ¼” by 1 ½”

I do admit that the short upper walls were a total add on at the last minute the room. I had one of those middle of the night realizations that I needed to add a short wall on the top “floor” in order to do all the wiring. If you are just making your roombox for display and aren't going to be using it to follow along with the wiring tutorial you won't need the short walls on the top.

In addition to the foamcore, something to cut it with and glue you will need some straight sewing pins. Get the ones with small heads so you can hide them. They make our structure so much stronger. If you are adding the short upper walls you will also need some thin toothpicks.

Next week we will be adding some siding to the outside of our roombox and if all my electrical supplies arrive like they are supposed to we will start the electrical tutorial the following week. (Just so you know the first week of the electrical tutorial will be just an introduction where I show you what we need- that will give you a week to gather supplies too)

if you make this or any of my projects be sure to share a photo with me. I love to see what you make.


  1. What kind of lights do you plan to use? I need to make a box to photograph my miniatures in too. I really need some good lighting. I have trouble getting good photos of the stuff I make. I was thinking wood. Maybe I'll try foam first. It looks easy.

  2. Thank you for the tutorial. I'd love to learn how to install electricity in a roombox.
    Hugs, Drora