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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Christmas Tree Skirt

The first step in making our tree skirts is to pick a suitable fabric. You need a fairly small design so that it won't look out of scale. You also want a design that doesn't have direction to it, in other words you don't want to pick something that would look odd from the side. I love this red background with the gold stars. It is very Christmassy without taking over the scene. The design is very subtle so it will blend into the scene but still leave the bottom of the tree looking dressed.

The next big decision is how large do you want to make the skirt for your tree? I like mine to just peek out from under the bottom branches. Just enough to show but not so much as to look like it is taking up too much floor space. The tape roll that I used was between 4 ¾” and 5” in diameter. I'm sure you will find something in your house to trace around for yours.

Speaking of tracing. I used a Sharpie pen so you could see the line in the video, I really recommend you use a pencil. In the end mine doesn't show anyway though.

To stop the fabric from fraying I like to use Fray Check but you have other options. Any thin white glue that dries clear would work so would clear nail polish. It just needs to be a fairly thin product so that it doesn't make the edge too stiff. I like to do this step before I cut out the tree skirt because I can make sure my line of Fray Check (or whatever) is very thin but still soaked through the fabric. When you cut the skirt out you are cutting off part of the line of Fray Check.

Be sure to cut the slit up the back and a spot in the center for the tree. Then treat these edges so they won't fray also.

Once this is dry we can decorate! I like to use the glitter fabric paint but feel free to do anything that you want. I have seen this same skirt with a layer of lace glued around it and it was beautiful.

So that's all there is to making the tree skirt. I told you at the beginning of the video it was an easy project.

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