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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Drying Rack for Miniatures

For the last couple of weeks I have been doing a cleaning/organizing project in my craftroom/office. Things had gotten a bit messy (okay, let's be truthful here, a lot messy) and I had to do something to gain back some floor space.

As part of this project I have been re-organizing my huge collection of mini magazines and books that I have on hand. One problem with this is that from time to time I start browsing in the pages of those books and magazines instead of putting them where they belong. Anyway, while doing just this the other day I happened to come across a picture of a drying rack that someone had shared in one of those magazines many years ago. The design stuck in my head and I decided to come up with something very similar for my craft table. I think this is going to be a very useful tool so I had to bring you all along as I assembled it.

I didn't think to write down where I had seen the original, sorry, I know I should have but didn't even think of it at the time.

So for my version we need:

a piece of wood for the base. I was hoping for something a bit larger than what I ended up using but this is what I had on hand

a short piece of square wood strip around a ½” in size by 3” to 4” long, 1 end needs to be cut straight

4 wooden clothes pins with one side cut short

wood glue

super glue

I am once again using my two glue method of super glue to hole immediately and then wood glue to the work of holding my project together long term. I decided on wood glue this time because it gives a much superior bond with wood. In fact if properly cured the wood glue bond will be stronger than the wood itself.

Fist glue the piece of square strip wood to the base. The just glue the clothes pins as I showed on the video to the top.

Allow the project to dry at least overnight before using to allow the glue to cure.

My son pointed out that in his opinion the clothes pin clamps were backwards. He is left handed, so if you if you are like him, a lefty, simply face the clothes pins the other way. Then you have a tool that is customize to you.

I think this little tool is going to be very useful on my work table and I love that it was made with stuff I had on hand so it was free.

Andhere is a link to my other drying rack video in case you want to check that one out too.

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