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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Marble Cutting Board

I was looking through a cookbook a while back and came across a photo of a really pretty cheese board display. It was set on a beautiful marble cutting and was so pretty I decided I needed to replicate it in miniature size. This week we are going to create the cutting board. Of course this cutting board could go into many scenes with or without the cheeses we will be making in future weeks.

I love to make marble with polymer clay because it never turns out exactly the same two times. Every time I make it I get something just a bit different. And watching it develop is just fascinating.

I am making a typical white marble with gray tones. You can obviously switch up the colors to make whatever type of marble you wish. This one just happens to be my favorite and I feel it lets the foods stand out too.

I like to start with mostly a white/translucent clay mixture. (2 parts white to 1 part translucent)This is the clay that I use the most of and it can be any brand of clay. Today I think both of these happen to be Premo (I used what was already out on my clay table)

Next as far as the amount of clay used is a gray, and I was so happy when gray clay came back to some of the clay lines. Today I am using Sculpey Elephant Gray, I love this gray color because it is slightly cooler in color and but still very neutral so it goes with almost any other color.

Color number 3 is Fimo Pearl White, I like to use this because it just adds a tiny bit of glow to the project. I can't say it sparkles but it just looks so pretty in a marble as long as you don't over do it. A small amount goes a long way.

And lastly I like to use just a tiny bit of black. It will blend out to almost nothing, really it usually becomes a dark gray but I always feel something is missing without it. This time I decided to use some Premo in Twinkle, Twinkle. It has some wonderful gold and silver glitter running through it. I was a bit nervous about it but my gut told me it would be wonderful and I was right! I love the tiny sparkle it gives. Not enough that you notice it all the time just a when the finished board is moved a certain way you see it for a second.

Marbling is fun but you do need to patient. Just take your time and work slowly. You don't want to blend the colors together you want they to still be streaks of their own colors, like the veins in the real marble.

After baking you have the option of buffing the top surface to give a gentle sheen. This is totally optional but I felt it was worth the time. The little piece that I did as an example took me about 20 minutes to get the way I wanted it. I did that while watching a Youtube video so the time felt like it went pretty quickly.

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