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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Toystore Tour

This week I decided to dust off the Toystore and let you all have a look around at how it looks right now. Please ignore the mess in the background. We currently have several leaks in the roof and stuff is piled all over to keep it out of danger from the water. I am also tripping over several containers that are sitting in strategic spots to catch the drips. I will be very happy when the roof guys finally get to us, they keep telling me that we are “on the list”

front view

back view

Overall the Toystore has held up rather well I have not touched it in a couple of years and it has withstood a couple of wild weather years. The area it sits in gets really hot and really cold depending on what Mother Nature throws our way so I know that will cause damage over time. On the bright side it is not in a spot that is in direct sunlight.

I am really happy with how well the cover has kept out the dust and grim from just sitting in a busy area. The inside is very clean especially when you look at how long it has sat there.

The floor upstairs has come loose from the wood but a bit of adhesive should fix that quickly.

I tried to turn on the lights for the intro of the video but they seem to be failing so I will have to investigate that.

I think the only things I did after the video series finished was to put in the few shelves I showed in the video. If you want to see how to do those be sure to comment and let me know.

I took pictures of all the items I have for the store, now I need to figure out how to best display them. I would love suggestions from all of you on that. So if you have ideas let me know. I would love to hear what you think about how to best display them.

I also will probably need to make more toys but I want to wait to see how much room I will have.

The upstairs I think I want for a combination office/toy workshop but I am not sure. Again if you have ideas be sure to let me know.

Here are photos of the items I have- I hope you enjoy looking at them:




boxed "toddler" toys

Barbie stuff
jump ropes
rocking horse
doll house
castle closed
castle open
one of the front windows
other front window
doll house furniture
skate boards
doll similar to ones in front window

baby toys

1 comment:

  1. Love the castle that opens and the FP boxes! Such a cute collection FYI I found a plastic egg at the grocery store (Kroger) filled with tiny, sit on your finger tip tiny, dinosaurs might work in your shop. I use them for toys for my calico critters Happy new year E