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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Cranberry Sauce

This week I decided to start getting into the holiday spirit and take on one of my favorite side dishes for the holiday table, cranberry sauce. This is super easy to do for the dollhouse and this is just one of many ways I have made this project.

This time I am using some clear Gallery Glass glass paint in clear, some red craft paint and some no hole mini marbles in red (garnet) I usually use a red glass paint but I found that bottle had dried up since the last time I used it so I improvised by coloring the clear with a red craft paint. Since they are both acrylic based paints this works just fine.

Other times I have made this in the past I have used a cranberry colored nail polish it works just as well as the glass paint.

The advantage to the glass paint is that you can add shavings of cured polymer clay if you want to make your doll's cranberry sauce a bit fancier. Since nail polish and polymer clay don't play nicely together you can't do that with the nail polish. Also I didn't have a color that I wanted to use in my nail polishes.

You can use any mini bowl you desire. The one I used this time is from the last batch of metal minis that I purchased. Use whatever you wish. I have shown on previous videos how to treat these metal minis so I didn't go into much detail on that this time. If you don't know what these are or how to work for them check my channel for the metal minis video I did a few years back.

To make the cranberry sauce is so easy. You simply mix the red paint with the glass paint (remember it will look pink at this stage- don't panic) then add the little beads and stir. Place the desired amount into your serving dish and wait for it to set up. If you want a serving spoon in the finished bowl you will need to add it now.

Allow plenty of time for drying/ curing and you are done.

That was really easy wasn't it?

This same project can be made with any of the liquid polymer clays. Use a tiny drop of oil paint to color the liquid clay then mix in the tiny beads, put it into your bowl and bake. Depending on the brand of liquid polymer clay you use you might need to give it a glossy top coat to make it look wet.

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