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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay, I have been craving some chocolate chip cookies all week so since I didn't have any chocolate chips in my pantry I decided to make some for the dollhouse instead. (don't worry I also put the chocolate chips on my grocery list and I will have the real thing before this video actually goes live)

I know I have made a similar cookie in the past on this channel but I used poppy seeds for the chips (or raisins, they could have been either) but this time I am using chopped up cooked clay for the chips.

For these cookies you will need to do a bit of prep work in the form of making a snake of brown clay and baking it off ahead of time. The snake I used in the video was actually made for my other channel so it is a bit larger than I would normally make for this scale but it works, I just had to do a bit more chopping. In the end the “chocolate” pieces are probably more the size of chocolate chunks than actual chocolate chips but those are good too.

You can use any dough color clay you have on hand. I am still using the batch of equal parts Sculpey III Tan and Beige that mixed up a while back. You could also use Fimo Sahara or Premo Ecru.

Roll the clay out rather thin, I used the 3rd setting on my pasta machine and use a small cutter to portion out the clay. I used the smallest Kemper round cutter.

I do recommend you get some chalks scraped off onto your work surface ahead of time if you want to use them. Just use the usual brown, reddish brown and ocher that we always use for baked goods. Roll those little disks of clay into balls, dip the bottoms in the chalk dust and place on a piece of sandpaper.

Slightly flatten the cookies with either your finger or a toothbrush.

Now it is time to add our chocolate pieces. I love the technique of using the piece of raw spaghetti for this. Just touch the end to your tongue to slightly moisten it (you could barely dip it in water but be very careful you don't want to get it really wet just moist) then use the spaghetti as a pick up tool. The dampness is just enough to make the tip of the spaghetti tacky so it will hold the tiny pieces of clay just long enough to place them.

If the spaghetti gets too damp or banged up just snap off to a fresh spot. This little trick works great for small beads too.

Add a slight brushing of our usual chalks to make the cookies looked baked.

When you are happy with them bake as instructed on the package of clay.

There you have a wonderfully fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies for the dolls in your dollhouse. 

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