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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Building Series- video 2- Basic Construction

Last week in the blog post I told you that the planning and preparation work are probably the most boring of the tasks in building your mini building. This week I will be honest and say the construction that we are undertaking today is probably the hardest part, especially if you are using a laser cut thin plywood kit like I am. We are trying to glue together some really small edges and make them hold up the entire structure. The pieces are going to fight the process but you will win if you stick to it. I am not trying to stop you from doing this I am only trying to warn you so you don't become overwhelmed.

Be sure you have thoroughly read the instructions that came with you kit and that you understand what you are supposed to do. Next do a dry fit- meaning put the kit together with just some tape so you are sure where all the pieces go. Only after these steps should you proceed with the gluing of the kit.

For glue I am using Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue. This glue will give you a very durable bond even on the thin edges we are working with. Be sure to tape wherever you need to so that the edges stay in place. Also a few drops of super glue will help you to get the structure to stay together until the glue dries.

Allow the glue to have plenty of drying time before you proceed with the next step (or even moving the building very much) The work we do on this step will determine how strong your mini building is and how it looks later. If you cut corners now you may not be able to fix it later.

After the glue is totally dry I like to run a bead of caulk on all the inside vertical corners and to cover any errors on my outside vertical corners with spackle. By inside and outside I am referring to the angle of the corner not the placement on the inside or outside of the building.


I don't usually do this along the horizontal seams where the wall meets the floor because this is usually covered by trim wood.

I think the only real secret to the steps this week is to take your time and be sure you understand what the kit instructions are telling you.

I was going to show the construction of the little deck that goes on the front of the add-on room but I had so much trouble figuring it out that I wasn't comfortable filming that part. See it can happen to all of us.

Remember if you have questions be sure to ask.

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