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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Hearth Log Holder

I debated about this project, on one hand it could almost be a Trash to Treasure Thursday project but on the other hand it was just a bit more complicated than most of the projects I do on that series. Also I was short on time this week and didn't have time for a longer project for today. So by that process you get to learn how to make a log holder to go next to the fireplace or wood stove in your dollhouse. Later on when I finally get around to doing the landscaping on the Harrison I will show you an outdoor log storage and wood splitting area.

For today's project the thought process behind how I came up with it was kind of funny. The last couple of weeks my son has been doing a lot of work outside getting his firewood supply ready for the winter ahead (he has borrowed my truck more than a few times for this process) This got me thinking about how cozy the house is with a fire in the wood stove or fireplace. That got me thinking about how cute the fireplaces in the dollhouse are when they are set up with firewood, and all the tools you would find around their real life counterparts. About the same time as this was bouncing around in my brain I remembered that I had gotten this package of large paperclips a while back and they were still in my desk drawer. I took one out to look at and the rest came to me pretty quickly. The only real trial and error was getting the right size for the circle of card stock and for the dowel to bend everything around. After I made the first one I realized that those doilies that I keep forgetting to pick up when I am in town would also work really nicely for a more ornate version of the log holder. That one would definitely want to be painted with the elusive Brass colored spray paint.

I was sure when I started this project that I knew exactly where my Brass colored spray paint was at. I was wrong, I have no idea where it went or if I actually used it up. I use it a lot so I have already put it on my shopping list for my next trip to town. I will paint the log holder I made in the video with the new paint and post a photo of it on the Facebook page in the next few days.

To recap the materials and tools I used:

2” long paperclip
1 ½” diameter circle of card stock
¾” dowel
jewelery pliers
527 multipurpose glue
black spray paint
Small twigs from the yard
pruning shears

Now I do highly recommend that you either put those sticks in a low oven for a couple of hours or wrap them up and put them in the freezer for a couple of days. Either of these techniques will kill off any little bugs that may be living in them.

The same glue will hold the wood in the log holder if you desire to glue it in place.

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