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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Pizza

This week I decided to take on the task of making both dollhouse scale and 18” doll scale pizzas with videos. It was interesting moving back and forth to make the videos. Hopefully it worked out okay and I got everything in both videos.

If you want to see the 18” doll pizza that video is here.

Since I am trying to stay really simple on the 18” doll blog projects and I wanted to try doing both at the same time I simplified this scale a bit too. I think that will help those that are just beginning to do clay since I especially tried to limit the number of colors of clay I used. The entire project only uses 3 colors of Fimo brand polymer clay!

You will need the pizza pan from the Trash to Treasure project a couple of weeks ago. Remember that is the end of a crescent roll package.

For clay you will need Fimo in the following colors:
Translucent Yellow
Light Flesh

You will also need: something to roll out your clay, a work surface, a baking surface, artist chalk in: ochre, reddish brown and dark brown, a brush to apply the chalk, a craft knife, a clay knife, a brass brush and an eyeshadow brush, Tomato Spice Acrylic paint, lemon yellow and white shiny Scribbles paints. (I'm really hoping I didn't miss anything I that list)

Basically you are going to fill the bottom of your pizza pan with the clay, brush it with the chalks to “bake it” make the toppings and brush them with the same chalks to make them looked “baked”. Then you will bake off all your clay pieces, add the tomato sauce paint and allow it to dry. Add the “cheese” paint and use it to glue on your toppings.

You can make any toppings you want. I chose these because they are among the easiest to replicate with the polymer clay. If I get enough interest I might show you other pizzas in future videos. 


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