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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Flowers

This week I am showing you a really easy way to make some cute flowers for your dollhouse. I did make some of these several years ago and had forgotten all about them until they were discussed on one of the online mini groups I belong to. I do love that ideas flow so easily on the online groups, some ideas that have been around forever get brought up every once in a while and that really helps all of us. For those of us that have been doing minis for a long time we get reminded of things we once did and had long forgotten. And just (if not more) importantly it lets those that are newer to the hobby in on some of these forgotten tricks. That is kind of what I hope these Thursday videos do too. Remind some of my counterparts of some of the fun projects we once did and to let these tricks be out there for all to enjoy.

I am so glad that I was reminded of this trick while the seeds are still on sale for this year it makes for a really inexpensive little project. I would love to see what you do with this.

Are you going to put your flowers in a vase or in the garden? Will you add some leaves or not??? Maybe you could come up with a pattern for a flower box from the florist and you could add these flowers to that. The possibilities are endless, you are only limited by your own imagination.

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