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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Polymer Clay new and old

This last week I was able to get my hands on some of the new Sculpey Souffle polymer clay that is replacing Sculpey IIII. I decided to do a video of my initial thoughts on this clay and also what I think of some of the other brands of clay that are available.

Remember these are my views and opinions. Your experience may be different. We all like things for different reasons. I am just trying to let you know what I thin about the products, mainly because people ask my opinion.

When I started in polymer clay there weren't the choices (at least not here locally) that there are now. Between more items available in stores and then all the items available online it can be confusing to try to pick out a new product. That was why I made this video. I hope it helps you to choose the right clay for you.

I really do like the 3 packages of Souffle that I purchased and I am looking forward to it being more widely available. While I am sad to see all the wonderful colors of Sculpey III going away it is exciting to be able to use this new product. I am glad it is a bit firmer than the Sculpey III and I am very happy that (at least with the ones I got) the colors don't seem to bleed onto my hands as much. I was also happy with the baked samples, they baked up fairly close to raw clay color. It can be very hard to mix colors and make items with clays that color shift when you bake them.

So the clays that I will probably be using most in the future seem to be: Premo, Souffle and Fimo Soft. I do want to get my hands on the new Fimo Professional at leas to try it out.

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