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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Bowls

This week's Trash to Treasure Thursday project is a really fun one that can be used for almost any size doll. We are turning those little plastic rattles that Dollar Tree (and other stores) sell for Baby Shower decorating. The packages I got had 6 rattles in each package so that is a total of 12 bowls per package (6 clear and 6 colored) This is one of those times that the fact that these types of items are usually not all that well made really comes in handy. In the two packages I purchased I only had 1 rattle that I can't seem to get apart.

Do be careful when taking these rattles apart, as you hopefully noticed in the video I had a piece fly off across the room. With the sound of it hitting the wall I could tell it was moving pretty fast and would have really hurt had it hit someone. Also keep in mind that the wire cutters are sharp and made to cut wire, they will also cut skin with ease. Know exactly where your fingers are at all times.

This was one of those projects that has been being talked about on some of the online mini groups. One of the gals that is very active in the miniature community and is a master at finding things like this told about them on at least one group. I actually missed that post but a friend told me about it. After I was able to find the rattles I could see how they would be bowls with no problems. I am not sure if I am doing mine the same as Tanya's or not. I haven't gone and looked at her's yet.


  1. I learned about this from Tanya also. I learned that they open nicely with a nut cracker at the seams when I tried it.

  2. thanks for the tips Im going to the dollar store today :)

  3. Hi I use the white inside for rice for Barbie or for white bean
    I use the cut trim painted green for peas in pods for Barbie making a pod out of green construction paper