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Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Favorite Glues 2014

If you follow me on Facebook you probably know that I haven't been getting a lot done the last couple of weeks due to some sinus headaches that I have been experiencing.
During that time I did a few other small projects and made plans for some upcoming projects both for this channel and my 18” doll one.

Then a couple of days ago I happened to be digging through my box of glues and ran across an empty bottle of my old favorite Super Glue (Zap A Gap) and that got me to thinking it is probably time for an updated glue video. I looked and the one I did previously was in January of 2011, a lot has changed since then. I have found some new favorite glues to add to the ones I already had and sadly one of my favorites seems to have disappeared.

I tried to not duplicate the info from the first video (which you can find here) but I did want to cover some of the same glues since I am still using them. Then onto the new ones that I have found and fallen in love with lately.

So I started out with Tacky Glue, I use the Aleene's brand (made by Duncan Crafts) because I know I can trust this brand to be consistent and it is easy to find. I currently use 3 of the variations of Tacky Glue from this company: Quick Dry, Fast Grab and Original. I find that these three can be used for most of my gluing needs. I like the Fast Grab when I want something to really hold right away (especially when combined with a dab of Super Glue) this glue is the thickest of the three and does a wonderful job just about anywhere. Next in line would be the Original, a bit thinner in consistency but still thick enough to really grab with little trouble. The Quick Dry is handy for smaller projects and until recently was my go-to glue for most paper crafting. It is much thinner and does dry much faster. If I had to pick one I would have a hard time deciding between the Original and the Fast Grab both are used about equally in my craft room.

Next I talked about Yes! Paste, I love this stuff. It is the perfect glue with you need to adhere a larger piece of paper. It is very low moisture so it plays nice with paper. I use it to apply wallpaper in my dollhouse as well as in many other projects. The Jar says it is manufactured by a company called “Gane Brothers and Lane, Inc”. It is a bit pricey, around $10 for the tub but it does go a long way.

Beacon Adhesives makes the 527 Multi-Use Glue and I have been using it since I first started making mini foods. It is sometimes hard to find but most craft stores seem to be carrying it currently. I love it for gluing cooked polymer clay foods to the plates. It does state on the tube that it is extremely flammable so do use it carefully. It also does have a bit of an odor so be sure to ventilate properly when using it.

For super glues I am currently using both Loctite's Professional Liquid Super Glue and the Gorilla Brand Super Glue. I probably will be just buying the Gorilla Glue product in the near future though. I really do like it a lot.

The newest glue I have found is by the Tombow company and it is their Aqua Mono Liquid Glue. I just discovered it recently and have already used over half the bottle. It is my new go-to glue for anything that is small and made of paper. Perfect for printies and those type of projects.

What did I leave out? Well if you were looking to find information on Hot Glue this is the wrong post. I simply rarely use hot glue on my minis. I actually wrote a blog post on the subject and you can find that one here.


  1. thanks for the glue tips I really appreciate it :)

  2. First, let me say "get well soon". Headaches aren't fun. I have issues with migraines from time to time. No fun.

    I checked Amazon, my favorite place to shop, They seem to have your zap-a-gap there. Thanks for the info! As a newb miniaturist, knowing what to get to get started is very helpful. Thanks much!