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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Doll Size Valentine Treats

This week for Trash to Treasure Thursday I thought I would show you a super quick and easy way to make some candy/ marshmallows for your dolls. Which they are will depend on what size doll you are making them for. For the dollhouse (1/12th scale) these make some wonderful holiday marshmallows just like the ones I saw at the grocery store this week. If you are making them for a larger doll (Barbie or American Girl) they are more the size of the Conversation Heart candies that come out at this time of year. You can also vary the size depending on what size hole punch you have to use. Mine is about 1/8” so those scales are based on the size I am using. Since the candies come in a couple of sizes they can work for both scales (and those in between as well)

I used the same hole punch to create the “sprinkles” I used on the Valentine's Day cookies I showed you last Sunday in my 18” Doll Kitchen tour. Just use some of the cardstock weight paper they sell for scrapbooking for those.

The craft foam I used is some I got at the Dollar Tree and I see it there from time to time. You can probably get it other places too that is just where I first noticed it. I love having the smaller pieces of a variety of colors, sure beats cutting up a full size sheet if I just need a tiny bit. I do recommend picking some up if you find it.

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