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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chrysnbon Table and Chair Kit part 1

I promised to tell you about what you were supposed to be seeing this week in the blog so let's start with that.

If you remember I had purchased 4 different Chrysonbon kits at the local mini show back in October. I did the first two kits on videos for you right away and there were no problems. I hadn't gotten around to doing the other 2 yet. Last week on of my friends asked if I had made up my Dry Sink kit yet. Her sweet husband had gotten her some minis for her birthday and that kit was one of the items he had gotten her. She wanted to know how mine had went and if I had any suggestions to help her with hers.

I decided that since I didn't have a project planned for this week's video yet I might as well start that kit. I had been meaning to get to it and this is as good a time as any.

I even taped the intro and the first part of the video (about 10 minutes of footage all together) and things seemed to be going well. Then I hit a problem, after I sorted out all the pieces I discovered that I was short a number of pieces. Part of what is missing is the towel bar that I really like that goes with the dry sink. I had really been looking forward to using that part in something I have planned. Then the I realized that more importantly some small pieces to the dry sink are also missing.

Since I had not even opened the box for the kit before this week I suspect they were missing when I bought it. I did notice when I did open it that the plastic bag was not stapled closed. Normally the bag is stapled but someone had removed the staple. I can see where it was at one time. So that is probably when my pieces disappeared.

I am going to check around and see if I can find another of the kits since I would really like to build the dry sink. I have one in my Harrison and it is one of my favorite kits to build from the Chrysnbon line.

Now onto the table and chairs that we are making today.

So you are probably wondering about that spot in the video with the voice over. I had paused the camera because I started coughing and I was sure I had started it recording again. It wasn't until I went to do my editing that I found I hadn't recorded that part. There really was no way to go back and re-do that section. On the bright side all I had done was to continue to separate a few more pieces of the kit and talk about using acrylic paint on the kit when it was done. You really didn't miss a lot. I think I hit all the points in the voice over.

I was thrilled when I was able to confirm that I do have all the pieces in this kit. I did run into a minor problem but I show you how to fix it and how I knew that it was a problem. This one is pretty minor if you think through the problem and solution. I was happy to be able to show you part of my way of thinking through the situation. I was also happy that I was able to show you how important it is to dry fit EVERYTHING and to really read the directions and look carefully at the diagrams. 


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  1. well even though it is not the dry sink kit, my sweet hubby bought this kit too, so I will build it with you , I think we have some mind reading going on Joanne.