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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Brookfield- Adding the Cover

This week we are adding a protective plexi-glass cover to the Brookfield. This will be very similar to the cover that I added to the Toy Store a couple of years ago. That project is one of the most asked about projects I have ever done so I hope I answered most of your questions here in this video. If not I will be adding a cover to my big dollhouse (the Harrison) sometime in the near future and we can go over it again then if need be.

I was sick most of this week so sorry if I am not as clear as I should be on the video (cold meds do that to me) but I did my best to get the information to you.

The channel is simply made of two pieces of strip wood, a 1/8” by 1/8” strip glued to the edge of another strip approximately ½” x 1/8”. I added a couple of photos of the channel at the end of this blog post.  Be sure to double check the thickness of your piece of plexi-glass to be sure it will slide through the channel created by the 1/8”x 1/8” piece. You can use a bit larger if need be but this size should work with most of the plastic commonly sold in home improvement stores.

I picked up a cutting tool when I got my plastic this time and it worked nicely for cutting the sheets. If there is interest I would be happy to do a tutorial on how to cut the sheets of plastic when the weather is better outside. I do recommend you do this task either outdoors or at least over a hard surface floor because there will be tiny bits of plastic left from cutting and they are as bad as little pieces of glass if you get them on the carpet.

I like to cut my plastic pieces before I put the tracks on the building since it is much easier to move the track prior to gluing that to re-cut the plastic pieces.

channel piece end view

channel piece side view


  1. I always enjoy your videos but after I watch them I forget to come back here and leave a comment. So here is a big thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us!

  2. Where can I find pictures of your completed toy store? I saw some of the videos of the assembly, but I couldn't find pictures (or video) of it filled with toys :)

    1. Hi Lisa,
      The Toy Store.... well, I never got it done. It is on display in my entry way of my home but I haven't finished the inside. I am thinking I will do some videos in the near future on it and actually finish it. I got interrupted back when I was working on it by my mom getting sick and just never got back to it.