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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Wreath

I thought for Trash to Treasure this week I would show you a really simple Christmas wreath. This one again can be made in a variety of sizes and since real wreaths come in many sizes it will easily cross over to Barbie scale too.

I like to use the split rings that I show in the video because they are pretty cheap and easy to find. They are the same rings that are on most key rings I have ever owned. In fact the first time I made one of these I used the ring off an extra key ring that was laying around.

For the size shown in the video (package says the rings are 33mm which for those of us that aren't good at metric they measure around 1 ¼” in diameter) I like to use 3 chenille stems to get a good coverage. You might be able to get by with just 2 but 1 won't go all the way around.

Then it is on to the fun part of the project. Decorating! I just did a very simple decoration on mine but feel free to go wild. I would have done more but it was freezing in my work room the day I filmed.

Look through your ribbons, buttons and beads to find items to attach to your wreath. I am sure that you can also make little paper shapes, use tiny stickers or whatever else your imagination can come up with.

If you make a wreath or any of the other projects I have shown on video be sure to post them on the Facebook wall. We all love to see what you are making. Also feel free to post pictures of any of your mini projects on there or to post questions too. 


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