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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Christmas Candy

This week we are going to play with some polymer clay and create a few Christmas candies. I only got to show you two varieties in the video. There were a couple of reasons for that: I knew the video was getting a bit long, I did tape a third one but I didn't like how it turned out so I decided to not use that one, and most importantly I was beginning to get a sore throat so I just didn't feel like talking anymore. I gave a wonderful base to work from though so use your imagination and come up with more ideas on your own.

Just a hint we might be using some of this candy next week on a project. I hope things go well and we can anyway.

I did make a video a few years back on how to make candy canes and you can find that here if you would like to make those too.

For the video I used all Fimo brand clay but any brand will work just fine. I do feel you need to add a translucent clay to each of the colors and I vary the amount depending on what I am making and how I feel like mixing it that day. It is not an exact science so have fun. I am not sure what the proportions were on the candy cane video but they were probably different than I used on this video. It is really up to you how much translucent clay you use in the mix just be sure to use some.

The colors I used were: Tropical Green, Indian Red, White and of course Translucent, but you can use any colors you want. Any red and any green will work for Christmas candy I just pulled out the ones I can to first in the box. I really wanted to use Pearl for the white portions but I seem to be out of that color so I used the white. You can even use the glittered clays for candy, really anything goes.

If you change the colors out you can make these same candies for any holiday or any season. Again let your imagination go wild and see what you come up with.

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