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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Stove Kit part 1

This week we will begin to tackle the assembly of the cook stove kit. I decided to split the assembly into two parts and then do a third video on the finishing of the kit. I didn't want this to be as long as the assembly video on the hutch kit ended up being. I actually ended up filming the entire assembly process and then just deciding where to split it. It ended up to be two videos that are each around 20 minutes so I think that worked out well.

So the first step in any kit assembly in my opinion is to determine 2 things:
1- are all the parts that are supposed to be here actually here.
2- do I understand all the directions

After getting those steps out of the way I proceeded (off camera) to divide up all parts into small plastic bags that I labeled by the step numbers on the instruction sheet. This way when I was ready to do a step I simply picked up the bag labeled for that step and was ready to go. No searching through all the parts and hoping that I was gluing the right pieces in the right places. This way if when I put the parts into the bags I had made mistakes I would determine it when I went to do the bags for later steps not after they were glued together and I didn't have the right piece on a later step.

I do apologize for the really bad camera angle during the last part (heck most) of this video. I didn't realize that my camera had been moved on the day I didn't film I should have more carefully checked the view in the preview screen. I really need to get my second camera set back up, I still need to update some software to get the system to work on my new computer.

A couple of hints for working with these kits.

Always let the glue dry between steps.

When you are gluing long edges of pieces together try to just add glue dots to the pieces then put them together. If the fit is correct add more glue, if not you have a better chance of moving the parts to where they need to be. After you are sure everything is in place feel free to add a heavier bead of glue in an area that won't show. Just be sure you can visualize which places will be hidden when the project is complete.

Always dry fit pieces together before you glue. Since model cement slightly melts the plastic to form the bond it can be next to impossible to take parts apart after they are glued, even before the glue cures.

So come back next week to see how we go about the rest of the major assembly. 


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