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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Log Plant Stand

This week for Trash to Treasure Thursday I decided to take advantage of some of the limbs that blew down in the last windstorm to make a little plant stand.

The inspiration for this project came last summer. I was trying to find a house address so I was looking at front porches as I drove slowly down a street. As I was going along I saw the cutest plant stand on one of the front porches. I made a mental note of it as I drove. It had been bouncing around in my brain ever since just waiting to be made. Since we have had several large storms come through here lately I have a lot of branches down everywhere. As I was cleaning up a few of them the other day I grabbed a likely candidate for the project.

Since the branch was a bit wet from the rain and also I was a bit concerned about any bugs that may have made a home in it I wanted to both dry it out and kill off any tiny critters. The easiest way to do this is to bake the wood piece. I do recommend baking before cutting since sometimes the ends will split from the heat. We do need to use a fairly low heat (250 degrees Fahrenheit) and be sure to lay the wood piece on a piece of aluminum foil. I like to bake things like this for about an hour, that seems to dry them out and I have never had any bug problems after baking for this length of time.

After the wood has had a chance to completely cool to room temperature it is time to cut it into 3 pieces. I choose to make mine 2 ½”, 1 ½”, and 1” approximately, don't stress aboout the exact measurement on this. I would say for 1/12th scale anywhere between 1” and 3” would be fine. Just make sure they are definitely all different heights, don't make them too close or it will not look as good.

I used hot glue for this one, I think that is what will probably work the best but feel free to use what you have.

You can either glue the plant pots on the top or just use a temporary sticky product. If you use a temp. product you could change them out seasonally. This might be really cut with plants in a Christmas theme too.

Just have fun with the project that is the idea of these Trash to Treasure projects they are supposed to be no stress fun things to put together with things you find. 


1 comment:

  1. Hi Joanne, I love this plant stand so very cute. I too use branches to make benches, a trellis, table tops, etc. The list goes on. You do such awesome work, I watch all of your videos. Have learned so much from you.
    Thank you, hugs to you.