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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Cat Condo

This week on Trash to Treasure Thursday I show you how to turn a simple toilet paper tube into a cute cat condo for the cats in your dollhouse. I have been meaning to post this project since the beginning of the channel and just never got around to it.

This was one of those projects that came up because I was in a panic several years ago about what to make for a swap on one of my Yahoo groups. I had signed up for a cat/ pet themed swap and a bunch of people signed up. This was not one of the groups that put a limit on the number of people in a swap and I remember there were at least 20 people in this one and most seemed to sign up at the last minute. This meant I needed to come up with a project that could be made up quickly in large numbers, it had to be cheap but be something that would have enough value for the swap, I wanted it to be light weight (for shipping reasons) and I wanted it to be different enough that chances are there wouldn't be several others made by other people in the return box. I always have the little wooden circles on hand (they are just so handy) and at that time all 4 kids were living at home so there was no shortage of toilet paper tubes, and I even had the carpet on hand because I had just finished carpeting my Brookfield and so the idea was born. I did have to do a bit of experimenting to get the project the way I wanted but it really did come together quickly and got rave reviews when the swaps were received.

Now one of you readers/ viewers can tell me if this project would work for the “Littlest Pet Shop” characters, I don't have any of those so I was not able to test any of them.

I have found that t.p. tubes do tend to be slightly different in size sometimes. I'm not sure if it is a brand thing or if they have changed over the years but it used to be that the 1 ½” round piece fit perfectly in the tube after the carpet was added. Not any more, I find I have to add a small strip of the carpet fabric to the edge of the circle to get a tight fit.

The disk I added at the bottom is because of the same change in tube size, I didn't used to do this but the last few times I have made these the base has become needed to keep the bottom in place.

You could probably make a 2 level condo too, just make it tall enough to punch out 2 circles and add another circle piece to the middle. I by putting this on a larger base and adding some dowels (covered in either “carpet” or twine) you could build a pretty impressive cat condo for the most spoiled cat in the dollhouse.

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