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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Bench

This week's project is actually part one of another two part series I guess. You see as I was deciding on the finish for the hutch kit I did the last 2 weeks I realized that I had never made a video showing my “Extreme Aging” technique so I decided then that I needed to do one. I didn't really have any furniture on hand to demo the technique on so I decided to just make up a really simple bench to use. Then as I was gathering my materials for the bench I realized I should probably be filming it so you can make one of your own.

This bench will work in so many places and of course you are not limited to do the aging on it that I will be showing in next week's video. You could leave it plain (although I think I would still put a clear finish on), you could use some wood stain (be sure to do this before assembly), or you could just paint it. The choice is yours and you may even think of another finish to use. Feel free to post other ideas in the comments. Even better if you make one come on over to the Facebook page and post a picture for all of us to see.

You are also not limited by the size I made my bench, you can make it as big or as small as you like. Only have room for a 2” long bench, no problem just adjust the length of the top boards. Need a bench for Barbie, again just adjust the measurements. This bench could be any scale from tiny to real size, just adjust the size of everything and go for it!

Need a table instead of a bench, again not a problem just adjust the length of the legs and the top to fit where you need it. By just adding longer legs this would be a really cute sofa table, make the top wider and you could have a kitchen table or a work table.

Since originally I was just going to throw this together for the aging video I used what I had on hand so hopefully you can just go to the craft room and make your own. I always have at least one package of “skinny sticks” on hand, they are so useful in so many projects so that is the basis of the table. Other than the skinny sticks you will need something for the legs, I used some ¼” x ¼” strip wood for those, use something close to this size (if you do use something else you may need to adjust your stretcher bars a bit to fit. For the pieces to hold the table top together I used some 1/8” x 1/8” strip wood, you need something pretty small here although if all else fails use some skinny stick.

Cutting list:

Table top 4 Skinny Sticks cut 5” long
Table support 3 pieces 1/8” x 1/8” cut just under 1” long
Legs 4 pieces ¼” x ¼” cut 1 ½”
Long stretcher piece (skinny stick) 4 ¼” long
Short stretcher pieces (skinny stick) 2 @ ½”

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