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Monday, June 3, 2013


This week for Tools of the Trade Tuesday I thought I would discuss the simple toothpick. I always have at least one container of toothpicks on my work table. I use them on almost every project I make. I love that they are really cheap and disposable.

So what are some of the typical ways I use them.

They are wonderful to use as a glue applicators. The tiny tip means you can get into little areas. If you need to apply glue to a larger area you can use them sideways as a spreader.

Toothpicks can be used to apply paint to tiny areas and are really handy if you need to make small dots of paint.

I also use them as tiny dowels in a lot of projects. I love that I can easily cut them with many tools, they sand easily, and are usually already smooth.

Remember too that toothpicks come in more than just round. They come in flat and square too.

For everyday use I keep the plain round wooden ones on hand but for other uses I also have some that are plastic too. Those are in many wonderful colors and I am sure you will find other uses for them.

On the same line of tools of course are the many shapes of cocktail picks that are meant to be used in canapes for appetizers. Many of those come in very creative shapes. So be sure to check those out especially at the dollar store and the party stores. 


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