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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Skinner Blending Technique

This week I am showing you how to do the Skinner Blending Technique for polymer clay. This wonderful method of blending colors of clay to make a smooth transition from one color to the next is really much easier than a lot of people think.

When you look at the process it makes so much sense and is really an easy thing to do. I think really what you need the most is a bit of patience, because you do need to run the clay through the pasta machine a minimum of 20 times to get a good blend (I did count how many times I ran the blue blend through on video, I did 28 times through if I counted correctly)

No matter how many times I do this technique I am still fascinated by watching the color change as I work. It is almost like magic and I have done this so many times over the years. For this video I wanted to show you how changing the angle and placement of the cut within in the clay changes the blend. Once you practice a bit you can really do so much with this.

I use this for many foods and I have shown you a short bit on it in at least one previous video. I have something planned to show you soon and rather than try to quickly cover the blending again I decided to go a bit in depth on it for one time. Now I plan to just add the link to this video when it is a technique used in future projects. Sometime in the future I will show you some more variations with this using more colors too.

I took some closer pictures of the individual blends to post here on the blog so you can really see how this turns out.

all the colors

cut corner to corner
a little bit away from the corners
more distance from the corners
just a bit of blending in the center

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