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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Northwest Dollhouse and Miniature Show

Our local mini show was this last weekend (see the interview with the owner of the show here) Since I have a table I thought I would bring you all along with me.

I have a video slide show of the exhibits, you can see it here
I actually wrote out most of this on a tablet while I was at the show between customers.

Our show is two days (Saturday and Sunday) with Friday afternoon available to the dealers for set up time. Since my youngest son was available on Friday I drafted him to assist with the set up this year. He was mostly in charge of carrying boxes and loading them into the truck at home and then unloading them and carrying them in at the show location. I am sure he was absolutely thrilled, especially since Friday also happened to be his birthday (he turned 14) I have a feeling I will be making it up to him this week. LOL We got the table set up in about an hour and I stored my two exhibit items under my table until morning.

I had spent a lot of time the last couple of weeks getting my first DVD ready to sell at the show. I was so happy with how it turned out that I decided to do a second one. I ended up staying up until midnight Friday night and getting up at 4 Saturday morning but I did get the second on done and packaged in time to take with me for the show.

I will do a separate blog post about the videos next week so you can see more about them. They are both listed on my website for sale on the store page.

My table at the show had some misc minis that I have made in addition to the DVDs as well as the fantastic plants made by my friend Abby.

Saturday morning I arrived at the show around 8 AM and set up my exhibits. The Farm-stand had to be taken apart for transport and set up at the show that took a while but I think it was worth it.

Saturday morning at the show is always interesting. Dealers finishing up the set up of their tables and visiting with other dealers. We also all try to take time to walk around just to see what the other tables have.

Doors opened to the public at 10 AM and I hear there was a decent size line at the door.

The best part about the show is always the customers, I love to talk to them and hear what they are working on. This year was even better because so many of you came by and said hi and introduced yourselves to me because you follow my videos and this blog. I want to thank all of you that did stop to say hi.

Sunday morning is the time when most of the dealers tend to do some shopping at the other tables. I think most of us want to have an idea of how well the show will be treating us before we spend too much of our hard earned money.

I would have bought more but I just didn't find much I could use this year. I had decided to limit myself to items that could become videos so that limited me a bit.

I did get a bed but it doesn't count as a purchase because a dealer friend gave it to me. You see it was broken so she couldn't sell it. I told her I would make a video on both how to fix it and how to dress it. You can look for that video to be posted soon.

I also got some pots and pans that we will be filling soon too.

Here are some pictures of my table. I don't take pictures of other dealers tables because some of them really don't like pictures to be taken of what they make. I respect that and don't photograph them. 

my table

the DVDs shown with the projects you make following the tutorials

Plants made by my good friend Abby

some of the other items I had for sale


  1. I am glad I found your blog! Seeing you at the show was fun since I have been follwing your YouTube channel for so long. I intended to chat more on Sunday but alas, fate intervened. If interested, check out the blog on my current project:

  2. Do you have info on the new shop in Vancouver WA yet?

    Thanks, Cindy in San Diego