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Monday, October 22, 2012

Just something I need to say

This post is somewhat of a rant about one of my pet peeves. If you have watched my tutorial videos you know that I very often tell you to have whatever you are making in front of you. If that isn't practical having a photo of the real item is just as important. This is especially true when you are making something you are not really familiar with.

As I was cruising around on YouTube the other day I came upon a video tutorial for making a doll size of a certain item. I am not going to say what this item was just that is is something I know and have handled all my life. This is an item I know really, really well. I was curious since the person that made the video usually does a really decent job on his/her projects. As soon as I saw the intro to the video it was obvious to me that this person had probably never even laid eyes on the object they had made, it was that far off. Now the video was well done just the process and finished item was so far off it should not even had been called what he/she thought they were making.

So where am I going with this? I want to impress on all of you, if you are making something in mini (any scale) know what it looks like. For an example, let's say you for some reason need to make a mini self sealing stem bolt but you have never actually seen one. Well, first step should be to find a picture or better yet many pictures. Go online, find out all you can about these self sealing stem bolts, don't assume anything. Don't assume how big they are. Don't assume what color they are and especially don't assume that any grooves in them can run any direction you want them to.

Why should you do the research? Because if you are going to make something and call it that you need to know what it looks like so you know you are actually making what you think you are. If you are going to turn around and tape a video tutorial and post it on the internet to teach someone else how to make something it is probably about a million times more important to actually know what you are talking about.

Okay, I feel better getting that off my chest, now back to doing research and making videos.

1 comment:

  1. i totally agree with you joanne. i was always taught, if you're going to do something.. do it right. have a wonderful day!