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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why I don't use hot glue

I get a lot of questions  about why I don't use hot glue in various projects. I know a lot of folks love their hot glue guns, mine sits in the drawer most of the time. I do use it but rarely and never in assembling dollhouses or most minis.

I have several reasons the main one being that hot glue melts with heat and will re-melt if the temperature gets hot. I really don't want to go to all the work of making something just to watch it come apart in hot weather. It also gets brittle in the cold so once again the weather will effect your work in a  bad way.

Hot  glue tends to be gloppy, there is really no other word for it. It is next to impossible to do a neat job with hot glue. Because of the way a glue gun works and the fact that the glue hardens very quickly it has a nasty tendency to form large bumps and when you are working in scale they are huge!

And another very important reason is that I really hate to burn my fingers and I always do when working with the glue gun especially on small items.

That all being said I do own at least 3 glue guns and they do get used occasionally but not often and they are not on my list of favorite glues. They do have their place in the craft room and are very handy to use for the right job.

The glue gun has been discussed on every miniature forum I have ever been on. Most of us that have been making minis for very long have learned  our lesson on the use of this tool long ago.